Goal: There are so many hosting companies out there that the search can be confusing. We want to give you the one we like the best.

Sure, the statement ‘The Best Web Hosting Company’ might be a bit exaggerated because we don’t compare all 100 big hosting companies out there. Still, we searched for the best hosting service for a long time and changed services a lot of times. The criteria we looked for was fast hosting, high quality & fast support, email hosting, unlimited webspace & mail accounts as well as affordable pricing.

On our search we also checked out all the reviews and Top 10 Lists out there which you probably looked at, too.

After all, we are now happily hosted by A2 Hosting. They offer:

  • Unlimited bandwidth, web space & email accounts
  • Outstanding, 24/7 Live Support (We love this! Had several sometimes an hour long chats with the support team to solve an issue)
  • Blazing fast web hosting. As the company is one of the bigger players they invest in their technology and achieve an incredible performance. We are currently hosted on a turbo server and have a faster loading time than ever.
  • CPanel for easy administration.
  • Cloudflare implemented into CPanel (this is a CDN network to make your webpage even faster).
  • Server rewinds if you messed up something.
  • Unlimited domains hosted (depending on your plan)
  • An optimized WordPress Installation (even with auto-install)
  • And much more…
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Yorick Tran

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Hi, I am the founder of the Life Institute. I hope you get some valuable learnings here. If you have any questions, please contact me on my facebook account or via our intern community messaging!
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