Goal: A Website is important. But how to create one people actually love. This article is a guide to give you 10 steps to make a website people love.

In a time of transparency and fast information processing it’s crucial to have a well-crafted business website. Whether you are just starting your online business or already having a website online, you should always work to improve your online representation. Interestingly, many relaunches or websites don’t work, no matter how much effort expended.

How To Create A Successful Business Website

Many businesses miss the most important point of their business: It’s all about the customers. Oftentimes when a business creates or recreates a website they create it according to their own liking – what they would prefer, the structure they like and the logo they like. After finishing they are surprised if the new website doesn’t catch on with the customer.

When creating a business, it’s about solving a problem for a customer. As also discussed in ‘Lean Management‘ we should operate very costumer-focused. What logo does the customer like? What colors were preferred? What site structure worked well?

Knowing this, here are 10 things we found particularly important for a webpage.

10 Steps To A Successful Business Website

More Visitors, More Customers

More Visitors, More Customers

  1. Make sure a visitor understands the purpose of your business after being on your site for 3 seconds.
  2. Capture the visitor’s data on the first page or make sure you have a contact form in place.
  3. Work on your page speed. Customers don’t like pages which take forever to load. Neither does Google. Recommendation here.
  4. Help Google find your site and optimize your website’s SEO. Although much traffic is coming through advertising nowadays, you’ll still want to harvest the organic traffic.
  5. Create a beautiful layout for your website. Make sure it is convenient for the customer (customer focus!)
  6. Check your logo. It represents you business everywhere and should be something that sticks in the customers head.
  7. Rework your navigation so it offers a clear and functional overview of your site. If needed, use a mega menu.
  8. Clean up your URL structure. If you haven’t already, create an URL structure that helps the visitor navigate through your site. Google likes it, too.
  9. Interlink your articles by referring to other articles. Google likes it and it helps keeping the visitor on your page.
  10. Make it easy for the visitor to share your content. Use a lot of pictures!


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