Goal: With the whole lot of diets out there it’s easy to get confused. So let’s try and figure out the best diet here.

A question I get ask regularly: What should I eat? What is the best diet?

No 'one suits all'

No ‘one suits all’

Although I’d love to help you with this question, there is a reason why there are hundreds of books about nutrition. Nutrition is one of the most controversial topics out there. Everybody seems to be an ‘expert’ having the perfect diet. The truth is that there is no diet that works for everyone. Even the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is not generally applicable. There are people with a fructose intolerance who should not follow that advice.

As written in ‘The Truth About Aging‘ human’s key to survival is adaptability. For us, many diets are good while none is perfect. Hence, the best diet is an adaptable diet.

The Agnostic Diet

The beauty about the agnostic diet is that you cannot discard it. Agnostic healthy eating means whatever works is what we should gravitate towards. Instead of trying to identify with a certain dietary group, we should start to ‘ask, seek and knock’ for a diet that fits our social and geographical environment.

The Principles Of Healthy Eating

Although the implementation of the agnostic diet in your everyday life will be individual, there are some dietary principles worth listening to. Take them into consideration and pick what’s working for you.

Beware of processed food

Saying that processed food in general is bad would be against our way of thinking and evaluating things. Still, chances are, that our digestive system that evolved in the past thousands of years, most likely works better with natural, unprocessed food. As always, it’s about the balance. I wouldn’t recommend to abandon everything that can’t be eaten without even being cooked. But I’d definitely recommend to moderate your intake of highly processed products like white sugar. Always try to stick to the most raw version (brown sugar, natural rice, etc). Oftentimes, processed food negatively impacts the body’s acid alkaline balance which is directly related to your immune system.

Eat high quality food

Pay attention at the quality of your food. Oftentimes it’s better to eat less and buy higher quality instead. Train yourself to become a conscious consumer, checking what is in your food and weighing the alternatives. Keep in mind that ‘organic’ has it’s places but sometimes might only be marketing as well. Try to buy local and as fresh as possible.

Balanced diet

The body needs minerals, vitamins, trace elements and roughage and most of them come from different places. Historically, your diet consisted mainly of vegetables, fruits and whole grain. Meat or fish was scarce hence eaten less often. Learn what your body needs and be sure to provide it in a sufficient amount. If your current lifestyle does not allow a balanced diet, be sure to fix your deficit with a nutrition supplement. If you are searching for one, we had a great experience using Athletics Green.

Moderate your fat & salt intake


Although your body needs a certain amount of -amateurish spoken- fat, we tend to consume too much as it hides almost everywhere. Salt is another highly controversial topic. Some scientists relate high blood pressure to a high salt intake. Just as many scientists protest against that, let’s just agree to use just as much as needed. There are also herbs or spices avaiable to season your meal.

Drink Water

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. It is used to release toxins and to transport nutrients. Thus, drinking enough is crucial for an effective metabolism. If you are not used to drinking water, try it for a month and you will probably stick to it. The average adult should drink between 2 and 3 liters a day.


In the end, I think it’s how my brother uses to say: ‘It’s not about doing everything right but about not doing too much wrong.’ So try to get rid of as many bad habits as possible, try to minimize unhealthy food. You could refer to that as ‘clean eating’.

Check our ‘9 Steps To Perfect Health’ guide for more information.

Recommended Reads

50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People by Sally Beare

Biological Medicine by Thomas M. D. Rau

Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us by Matt Fitzgerald

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