The Life Institute strives to

We think education is the most impactful driver for change. This is why we offer most of our knowledge for free. Our articles are avaiable publicly and can be shared as long as you link back to our site. For those who prefer a more structured way of learning we offer online courses. Participating in one of those requires an active Elite Supporter Membership. Supporting Members get access to more exclusive knowledge, the Online Courses and they get the chance of winning a dream vacation in the Mansion Raffle.

Our Goals

Manage Knowledge

The Life Institute manages the knowledge of the greatest minds in history and modern times.

Manage People

There are many great minds out there, the Life Institute references them all in one place.

Impact Lives

Let’s go a step further, educate the people in a way that it really impacts their lives.

Unite The World

When people stop to work against each other, progress will take place a lot faster. Knowledge is great to unite people.

Better The World

Many current problems could be solved by providing the right education to the people.

So let’s do it!

What We Do

Content Curation

Find the good content and combine it with all the knowledge we already have.

Teaching Content

We teach content ourselves, because we want to provide a single source taking into account all the good content out there.


Sometimes it’s better to learn from the source. Therefore we also recommend books and external courses. It’s our promise that these are really worth their money.

Building A Community

Bringing together like-minded people can be very powerful. This is why we are building a community of real ‘achievers’.

Weekly Live Calls

It’s all about you. So we do weekly live calls to connect with you.


Buying courses, travelling and helping costs money. So how do we finance our investments?

Affiliate Links

When we recommend a product, service or course, it’s our promise that they are well worth their money. If there is an affiliate program avaiable, we will provide an affiliate link instead of a normal one. You can support us by purchasing through our links.

Paid Memberships

Being part of our community is completely free. Though, we offer some special benefits to those who support us with a monthly membership.Support us »


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